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Wash Cotton Seed Oil

Wash Cotton Seeds Oil are the oil expelled mechanically from the cotton seeds through screw and pressing which are non-edible oil. After extraction, the cottonseed wash oil undergoes intensive treatment to reduce the level of gossypol found in cottonseed wash oil, the consumption of which may produce undesirable side-effects. For edible purpose, Refined Cotton Seed Oil is used mainly in salad and cooking oils, shortening, margarine and to a lesser extent in the packing of fish and cured meat. Low grade of this oil are also used in the manufacture of soaps, lubricants and protective coatings.

Cottonseed oil are extracted from cottonseed, which carries around 18% oil content. Cottonseed oil is estimated to contribute nearly a fifth of the global vegetable oil production.

As per estimation, Gujarat produces 0.36 million tonnes of cottonseed oil and stands first in cotton seed oil production in India.