Cotton Bales of Matangi Cotton Industries | Indian Cotton Bales | Indian Raw Cotton Bales | Raw Cotton Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Gujarat, India.

INDIAN Cotton Bales

Matangi Cotton Industries engaged Manufacturing and Exporter of Indian Raw Cotton Bales from Gujarat. Company is having latest technology plant and machinery of ginning and pressing. Company’s ginning and pressing unit is located at Dhasa (Amreli District in Saurashtra) which is surrounded by majority of cotton farms, Henceforth, company always gets best quality raw material in best prices.

Cotton Bales are cotton packed in bales form. This cotton says as Shankar-6 variety, it is produced in only Gujarat (India). Raw Cotton are processed in Ginning and Pressing where finally it converted in form of Cotton Bales. Our ultra modern Ginning unit separate cotton fibers and seeds from cotton crop. We never compromise in product quality, we uses only best quality raw materials to ensure a highly reliable production. We taking utmost care during the complete mechanical process of cotton bales production.

INDIAN Raw Cotton / Bales Storage Capacity

Characteristics (In HVI Model

Staple length: 28 mm to 30 mm
Strength: 27 to 30 gm / tex
Color Grade: 21-1, 31-1 Near about GM Grade, Reflectance- 78%, yellowness- 7.8
Microniare: 3.8 to 4.3
Uniformity Ratio: 83%+
Elongation: 5.5 to 6.5 %
Maturity: 72+ %
Trash: Below 1.5%

Comparable foreign growth

West African, Acala, USA Fiber Max and Brazilian cotton.

General conclusions

Shanker-6 cotton contains less NEPS and produce better spinning output in compared to other world cotton. This results in more yarn output along with better CSP in spinning with good dye absorption.