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Refined Cotton Seed Oil

Matangi Refined Cotton Seed Oil is a oleic linoleic type vegetable oil, produced by mainly micro-refining of cottonseed oil, which is derived from the seed of the cotton plant grown in Gujarat. It has perfect balance of MUFA & PUFA. Both the fatty acids and are essential for the body. Also it is a light colored, bland, nutty taste and completely odourless.soaks very less oil in comparison to other oils, it makes the food very light and easy to digest.

Refined Cotton Seed Oil - Typical  Specification

FFA % (As Oleic Acid) 0.15% Max.
Color in 1" cell 5.00 Units Max.
Moisture & Volatile matter 0.1% Max.
Iodine Value 99-112
Per Oxide Value Mg./Kg. 3.00 Max.
≡ Customized specification can also be achieved